Recognizing past dancers and their contributions is important to Bashkimi Dance. Through this page we want to recognize them for their hard work over the years in helping Bashkimi Dance establish itself and continue its mission in the future. We recognize that we do not have everyone here but if you were a member of the group and you want to be added please send your name and picture to


Ada KokoshiAda Kokoshi
Arber DhameArber Dhame
Arber MuhametiArber Muhameti
Dea BrahoDea Braho
Donald BrahoDonald Braho
Ela BiceEla Bica
Gresa SpahijaGresa Spahija
Irma DishnicaIrma Dishnica
Kaltrine KabashiKlatrine Kabashi
Kristel KaneKristel Kane
Marsel KaneMarsel Kane
Mimoza ShehuMimoza Shehu
Ornela GjataOrnela Gjata
Rezi MemeliRezi Memeli
Sentiana PrendiSentiana Prendi
Taulant LameTaulant Lame
Ervin KulenicaErvin Kulenica
Erida LiceErida Lice
Guljed BirceGuljed Birce
Suela LikaSuela Lika
Vera GjataVera Gjata
Aida JovaniAida Jovani
Blerina IdriziBlerina Idrizi
Besiana KonomiBesiana Konomi
Denisa (Mustafa) GilajDenisa Gilaj
Dhimo KolvaniDhimo Kolvani
Enri AzizajEnri Azizaj
Erma Bele-PintoErma Bele-Pinto
Erinda SpiroErinda Spiro
Gentian ShkurtiGentian Shkurti
Gentiana SpahiuGentiana Spahiu
Ida RapajIda Rapaj
Jurgen LikaJurgen Lika
Klaudia KonstantinaKlaudia K
Lorenc DemikaLorenc Demika
Odeta KulenicaOdeta Kulenica
Stela ShehuStela Shehu