Bashkimi Dance is holding auditions for new dancers(male and female) between the ages of 18-29 who are committed, dedicated individuals with any dance experience, although Albanian Folk dance experience is prefered. The group holds practice in the Boston area. Dancers should have stage presence, expressiveness, musicality, and preferably technique.There will be opportunities to perform on stage for those qualified. If you think this is you or this sounds like something you want to do you are welcome to contact us.

Annual Albanian Festival in New York

Participation is voluntary and there is no compensation for performances. However dancers will have the opportunity to hone their skills, stay fit and perform in different Albanian events(check out Performances) as well as the annual Albanian Festival in NY.

To summarize, if you decide to join our team:

- Must be available to rehearse Sunday night 6pm-9pm.
- Have some dance experience or at the very least can dance( Albanian folk prefered).

If you are interested or have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

As for why we do what we do it is really simple: The Albanian folk culture is ancient, rich, and simply put, shameful to be forgotten.The folk dances are a very important component of this culture and for this reason Bashkimi Dance through the interpretation of these dances, attempts to aid in the preservation of the Albanian culture.