Crossing oceans and holding hands… a history of dance

Bashkimi Dance is the premiere Albanian folk dance
troupe of Massachusetts. It was established in 1996
by the well-known Albanian choreographer Bashkim Braho,
who had just moved to the US. Upon his arrival in Boston,
Bashkim immediately perceived the need of the newly
formed ethnic community for communal and self-expression.
He soon delivered by harnessing the talent resource and
bringing Albanian young dancers together.

Since its inception, the troupe has been composed of
Albanian students and graduates from various universities
in Boston. Their love and enthusiasm for dance make these
young artists find the necessary time to dedicate to their
practice, regardless of their busy personal schedule. The
group constantly welcomes American born dancers as well, who show love and appreciation for the Albanian folkloric art, and have the spark of talent to fly hand in hand  with their fellow dancers.


Bashkimi Dance is dedicated to keeping alive the tradition of Albanian dance and music in the heart of the Albanian communities in Massachusetts and across the United States. To do this, we constantly work on enriching our repertoire from the abundant source of Albanian folk culture, a wellspring of great variety of folk dances.

In 2010 Bashkimi Dance joined with the Massachusetts Albanian American Society "Besa" (MAASBESA), so together we can serve the Albanian community of Greater Boston area better. One of our early goals was accomplished in 2010, where for the first time in Massachusetts, the first Albanian Folk Festival was organized with dance groups and various Albanian folk performers from Boston, New York and Detroit. In addition this merging gave birth to the Albanian folk dance class for young children under the direction of Bashkimi Dance choreographer Bashkim Braho. Expect nothing but the best in the future from this cooperation.


You have done something wonderful. Tonight you filled everyone with joy.
Father Arthur Liolin
I was very touched by the Mother Albania dance.
Sekine Sharofi Athanas
Congratulations! Today you have achieved something that should have been done 50 years ago
Kosta Konduli

Group Awards:

  • Thank You letter from Roca, 2001